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Hold Your Breath on Philly Air Quality

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

The American Lung Association has released it’s annual report on air quality. Philadelphia ranked among the worst cities.

“If you live in Philadelphia County, the air you breathe may put your health at risk. ”

Ozone received a failing grade of “F”. “Tropospheric ozone is formed by the interaction of sunlight, particularly ultraviolet light, with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, which are emitted by automobiles, gasoline vapors, fossil fuel power plants, refineries, and certain other industries.” — National Center for Atmospheric Research

Groups At Risk
Total Population: 1,536,471
Pediatric Asthma: 34,703
Adult Asthma: 110,641
COPD: 72,503
Cardiovascular Disease: 369,110
Diabetes: 97,274
Children Under 18: 345,974
Adults 65 & Over: 186,055
Poverty Estimate: 414,826

You can make a difference in the air that you breathe.
See: Tropospheric Ozone = Bad Ozone, The Ozone Know Zone, and Gasoline Plus Ethanol Equals Bad Ozone

Philadelphia Air Pollution

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
Toxic Released in the Philadelphia Area

Toxic Released in the Philadelphia Area

About this map
To begin exploring how air pollution may affect your community, use this interactive map of more than 17,000 facilities that have emitted hazardous chemicals into the air. Color-coded dots and scores of one to five smoke stacks are based on an EPA method of assessing potential health risk in airborne toxins from a given facility. More smoke stack icons signify higher potential risks to human health.

From NPR Toxic Air

Ambler News On The Environment

Sunday, February 12th, 2012


If you or your neighbors want a bare roots tree, they would need to be planted on April 27 or 28 and need to be within 10′ of a sidewalk or street curb. $20 shared cost. Property owners need to call me before Feb 23 to claim one. 215-591-1551.



Plans were submitted to the Zoning Hearing Board Thursday night. ZHB postponed their deliberations until Feb 21, when they do not intend to take more public input. I urged them not to approve a monument sign size increase that would stand 8′ tall and 4 feet wide at the entrance near Serrao’s State Insurance property. There will also be a high and tall name of the store on the front flush wall of the store. They believe that the store will be out of the flood level but they are only planning using the 100-year flood levels of old mapping. Because of vegetation, they will be reducing impervious surface by 49 square feet.

The plan shows an addition of 21 trees, with 6 internal tree islands, and 15 along Butler and the two entrances.

There seem to be traffic conflicts with delivery trucks which will entail driving into the parking area and then backing (beep-beep-beep) into a loading dock very near Cone Heads. They will have about 45 employees, 25-30 part-time positions. Store hours will be open 7:00 Am to 10:00 PM — 7 days a week. They will share parking with the beer store. There is a culvert for Tannery Run that cuts through the middle of the 3 combined properties. Recent TV investigations revealed there were no weaknesses or need of repairs.

BILLBOARDS — 3rd party advertising

MC Outdoors, a company that sells billboard advertising, has signed a lease with the owners of the property where Shell/Dunkin Donuts are merely tenants. The owners are Bronson Oil of NJ. The lease is for 29 years pending compliance with a new ordinance that Ambler has to write. Ambler has 3 more months to create our ordinance. MC Outdoors wants a billboard more than 668 square feet (56 feet tall, 14 feet wide) It would be installed along the back wall of the property to be seen by traffic from both directions of Bethlehem Pike. The LRB Club turned down a similar lease.

Neighbors from Upper Dublin and Lower Gwynedd showed up to try to stop this before more of the same gets to their townships along Bethlehem. A staff from Todd Stevens office is trying to get something to limit billboards through state actions.

The Council are not in favor of any billboards, but the Supreme Court has ruled that these companies have Right to make a living. The Borough can restrict the location, size and frequency of billboards. Another township lost its appeal to allow only 25 square foot signage. Joe Bresnan, solicitor, will draw up a test ordinance that although painful, may be the biggest size that the borough can tolerate. If it is appealed, the extra court costs could run $200,000 (there is no lawyer cost since Bresnan is on retainer), so Bresnan recommended the Council accept the largest area that they could tolerate.

I urged them to prevent billboards ( i.e. off-premises advertising) from being allowed to be erected on roofs.


The Borough was approached to contribute some amount toward a study of the Rose Valley Creek true flood plains with identification of places for beneficial remediation. I urged Council to contribute SOMETHING.

All residents who suffered flood damage will receive some small reimbursement through Borough administered FEMA funds (a total amount of $3,000 will be divided equally among all claimants.)

UPDATING LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT PLANS to remove any invasive species

Still in progress!


The Borough is filing with Public Utilities Commission for a rate increase. It will likely be 10 months before it goes in effect. The PUC (Pennsylvania Utilities Commission) governs the water and sewer rates for Ambler.  The borough CAN NOT increase rates without the approval of the PUC there is a great deal that goes into the borough getting a rate hike and it can take years.  These rates will increase for those who have accounts with the borough water department.  These are usually the property owners but can be a renter.  Remember the borough water department services Ambler, parts of Upper Dublin, Lower Gwynedd, Whitemarsh, and Whitpain.