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West Chester Passes Unconstitutional Law

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
Published on Oct 18, 2016

West Chester, PA — West Chester Borough is already involved in litigation over the constitutionality of their Noise Ordinance. Technically speaking it is illegal to play a guitar in West Chester under the noise ordinance. In fact, you can not play any instrument in West Chester.

This is in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Specifically, the First and Fourteenth Amendments guarantee freedom of speech and expression.

The new ordinance passed today, October 18, 2016 will violate the Constitution even further by regulating:
acting, singing, playing musical instruments, pantomime, juggling, magic, dancing, reading aloud, puppetry and reciting.


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War On The Homeless

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

By Citizen of Orange County, Florida and Staff Writers

So now that I am emailing and writing Police departments and District Attorneys’ offices, is my freedom and life in Danger?

A resident of Orange County is asking the same questions as a resident of West Chester, PA — are the police and business owners using unconstitutional laws to commit hate crimes?

The Orange County Police Departments have a war on the homeless going on. The Police are having an influence on City Council meetings to the point of passing Unconstitutional laws against the Homeless People. No RV Parking in Dana Point and San Clemente city limits. How Quaint!

The wealthy people that live along the Beaches pay too much property taxes, for the God given land. Looking and seeing that many homeless, and weekenders have no choice but to sleep in their vehicles, due to, no vacancy in campgrounds, hotels, motels, and other dwelling places on the weekends.

Many of the wealthy residences that own houses on the beach, limit beach access.

The West Chester Borough Council is trying to pass yet another unconstitutional law that would allow them to arrest street musicians: West Chester Plans to Restrict Singing & Dancing,

West Chester Street Performance Ordincance

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

by Daniel Brouse

WEST CHESTER, PA — A second public hearing for a proposed ordinance to regulate street performers was held on September 21 at Borough Hall. Due to the time length of the meeting, a third public hearing has been scheduled for October 18 at 6PM.

The ordinance would regulate “the following activities: acting, singing, playing musical instruments, pantomime, juggling, magic, dancing, reading aloud, puppetry and reciting.”

Borough council members spent an hour-and-a-half suggesting changes. One of the most significant changes was to the Purpose of the ordinance, changing “the Borough Council therefore seeks to encourage such performances” to “the Borough Council therefore seeks to regulate such performances”. Council members Michael Galey and William J. Scott brought up concerns over unnecessary regulations, redundant regulations and over-reaching regulations. Quite a bit of discussion revolved around applying the regulation to private property. Surprisingly, there was no discussion about how this law would be applied to minors. At the previous hearing, a resident was voiced concerns, “If I’m playing a guitar and children start to dance, are they in violation.”

Eventually, comments by the public were heard. The overwhelming majority of the comments were against any attempts to regulate free speech.

The West Chester Business Improvement District (BID) executive director, Malcolm Johnstone stated his support for the ordinance. Only one business came out in favor of the ordinance. The owner of Penn’s Table Restaurant complained that the artists blocked the public right-of-way.

Comments against the ordinance came from a wide array of artists, performers and fans. Tom Wagner, Esquire, stated his opposition to the ordinance based on The First Amendment. Virginia Schawacker, director of Shaw Strings, voiced her concerns about regulating musical performances especially when on private property. Tony Webb has an architectural firm on Church Street and talked about his support for the music. A variety of musicians and students from West Chester University spoke out against the ordinance. Brad Rau, who holds a masters degree in classical guitar and teaches in West Chester, created a petition in support of the arts. The petition with hundreds of unsolicited signatures of citizens against regulating the arts was presented.

The discussion will continue in October.