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March For Science

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

by Daniel Brouse

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The March For Science protest was held in over 500 cities worldwide. The Trump administration has invented many fake news stories and alternative facts including climate change is a hoax, vaccines are dangerous and the best way to protect the environment is through economic growth.

Hundreds of thousands of scientists and science lovers came out on Earthday 2017 to support science and technology. Philadelphia’s march stretched for 14 blocks across the entire street from City Hall to Penn’s Landing.

VIDEO: March-For-Science-Philadelphia-Earthday-April-22-2017.mp4

The Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE), in partnership with the Philadelphia School District, presented its fall exhibition A+ Art in the Art Gallery at City Hall. Each year, the OACCE partners with the Philadelphia School District’s Office of Academic Enrichment and Support to select 100 of the best art projects from its end-of-year Young Artists exhibit at the Philadelphia School District headquarters to be displayed at the A+ Art exhibit.

Additionally, the City announced that Blick Art Materials donated $15,000 worth of gift cards to the 23 participating schools to purchase materials for their art classes. OACCE will distribute the gift cards, worth $650 each, directly to the art teachers. Blick Art Supplies also gave gift bags with samples of art supplies for the students who attended the gallery reception today.

“The A+ Art exhibit recognizes that the arts are an important part of a well-rounded, high-quality education. It highlights the extraordinary artwork created by aspiring young artists and is a testament to the many dedicated art teachers, parents and administrators who passionately support these young artists and children across the city,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “I want to thank Bob Buchsbaum for the $15,000 contribution from Blick Art Materials. This generous donation will help ensure that teachers can provide the art education that our children deserve.”

This year was the School District’s 58th annual city-wide Young Artists exhibit and it featured more than 1,500 works of art from approximately 150 schools. For the A+ Art exhibit, OACCE chose a representative sample of Philadelphia K –12 students from 23 schools across the city. The selected works chosen reflect an array of perspectives, cultural influences and artistic techniques. Each student artist in the A+ Art exhibit will be honored with a Mayoral Certificate of Artistic Excellence.

“Having artwork created by students of the School District of Philadelphia on display in the City Hall’s Art Gallery is an incredible opportunity to showcase their amazing talents. Art supplies need to be replenished frequently, unlike textbooks that can be used for several years before replacing,” said Deborah Klose, Director of Arts Education for the Philadelphia School District’s Office of Academic Enrichment and Support. “We cannot afford to lose the important lessons the arts teach – creativity, artistic expression and problem solving skills. We are most grateful to Bob Buchsbaum for his generous gift of art materials so we are able to continue cultivating our Young Artists exhibit.”

Bob Buchsbaum, CEO of Dick Blick Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Blick Art Materials, said, “Blick has been a long-time supporter and advocate for the arts. We continue to be involved in many national and local initiatives to support art and offset budget constrictions in schools and communities. Through our support of the A+ Art exhibit, we are proud to be able to give back to the Philadelphia community, helping students and teachers drive creativity in the classroom and beyond.”

David Brigham, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), connected the office of OACCE with Bob Buchsbaum. David Brigham said, “Like the City, PAFA is committed to providing arts education for students in Philadelphia and is pleased to support this effort by helping to identify donors to provide art supplies for children in the public schools.”

Helen Haynes, Chief Cultural Officer, added, “Art teachers need our support so they can help children learn to express themselves in a healthy, productive way. The OACCE is trying to connect schools and teachers directly to resources beyond the school district’s limited budget, like Blick Art Supplies’ donation. Its generosity is a perfect example of how we can collaborate with outside partners to obtain resources that benefit the entire community. Also, I want to personally thank David Brigham and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for their help in securing this gift.”

The participating schools for A+ Art 2014 are:

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • Alexander McClure Elementary
  • Allan M. Stearne School
  • Amy Northwest
  • Baldi Middle School
  • Ellwood School
  • Amedee Bregy Elementary
  • Greenfield Elementary
  • Anna L. Lingelbach Elementary
  • Vare-Washington Elementary
  • Watson Comly School
  • William C. Bryant Promise Academy

High Schools

  • Abraham Lincoln High School
  • Academy at Palumbo
  • Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Central High School
  • Creative and Performing Arts High School
  • Frankford High School
  • Franklin Learning Center
  • George Washington High School
  • High School of the Future
  • Horace Furness High School
  • Julia R. Masterman High School
  • Philadelphia High School for Girls

School District Layoffs

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement in response to the announcement by the Philadelphia School District to lay off 3,783 teachers and support staff:

For months, the School District has been open and honest about the impact that its $304 million budget shortfall would have on District students and employees and the quality of education that it would be able to provide.  Today is the reality of that disastrous, bare-bones budget.

The layoffs of the 3,783 teachers and school support staff is devastating not only to those individuals who will lose their jobs but to the thousands of students and parents and the school communities that will suffer because of these regrettable personnel reductions and other budgetary cuts

This has been an exceptionally difficult process for Dr. Hite, the School District leadership and the School Reform Commission.  No one wants to close schools, lay off teachers or staff but the current leadership is determined to make the District’s fiscal health, immediate and long-term, a top priority.

To help the children of this City, there has to be a real commitment from the Commonwealth, City and the unions to find critical funding for Philadelphia public education.  I have proposed a revenue package that would provide the District with $95 million in vital funding.  Now, we need action in Harrisburg and City Council to pass that legislation.  We need Harrisburg to do its share and support the School District.  And, we need the education unions to accept critical economic and work rule changes.