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Jerry Ryan’s Rapture

Friday, April 29th, 2016

By Daniel Brouse

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — What do you mean the music scene is dead? There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In the Mid-Atlantic USA, there is a beacon shining bright — Jerry Ryan.

Jerry is an unassuming hero for musicians and artists. “Jerry changed the music industry by being legitimately all about the bands. It’s not about money to him. When I asked him why he was throwing the first Elephant Talk Music Festival, he replied ‘it’s for the bands.’ I knew then that he was the right guy,” said Rick Reinhart of Out In The Woods Records.

Hundreds of bands have benefited from Jerry’s compassion. He provides musician friendly venues along the East Coast and promotes the bands at no charge. Playing outside in Atlantic City is always a treat. Quite often there are multiple stages both inside and out. The sound quality is always quite good (with a stable of house musicians that blow the roof off when playing indoors.)

Elephants For Autism 2016

Elephants For Autism 2016

In 2011, Jerry founded an annual charity event called Elephants For Autism. “I added the charity aspect to what I was doing when I realized that I could become the change I wanted to see in the world. It just made sense to me that I needed to go into a new direction,” said Jerry.

The charity work of Jerry does make a change. “Jerry Ryan’s Elephants for Autism Indie Music Festivals have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the music programs at The Archway Schools. His generosity has allowed our special needs students to experience the joy of making music on a variety of instruments he has donated, as well as helping us to build a music therapy program that promotes student wellness by managing stress, enhancing memory and improving communication,” said Doug Otto, director of special projects for The Archway Schools.

The fifth annual Elephants For Autism music festival will be held May 20-22, 2016 at the Watering Hole Cafe in Mays Landing, NJ. 100 bands will play on 2 outdoor stages and 1 indoor stage (view the line-up). All proceeds benefit the Archway School in Atco, NJ for their special needs music program and music camp. “We are very fortunate to be in a position to help others through our mutual passion that is music,” laments Jerry.

Photos Unordered: Jerry Ryan, Rob Perna Jr., Citrus Distress, Leland Porter, Elise Moureau, Jacob Graff, Daniel Brouse, Rick Reinhart, Ali Richardson, Galt Line, Ike Joy, Jason Jeffries, Pool Of Thorns, Resident Stone, Terry Utain, Chelsea Allen

Additional quotes courtesy of “A father’s love brings music festival for autism to A.C.” by VINCENT JACKSON

Dr. Lou’s Place

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Dr. Lou’s Place is located at 1501 Hornberger Ave. in Roebling, New Jersey. Dr. Lou’s is the most musician friendly venue in the Greater Philadelphia Area. You can see live performances almost every day of the week at no charge.

The Jersey Shore

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Almost a year after Hurricane Sandy, the Jersey Shore is still feeling the aftermath.


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