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Ocean City NJ Police Misconduct

Friday, August 11th, 2017
Ocean City Police Officer T. Kuddar

Ocean City Police Officer T. Kuddar

August 10, 2017
OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY — Special Police Officer I, T. Kuddar, committed a civil rights violation on the Ocean City Boardwalk at approximately 6:10PM. Officer Kuddar violated a songwriter’s First Amendment Rights when he told the musician, “You can not play the guitar on Thursdays.”

The songwriter was not soliciting money or busking. Simply strumming an acoustic guitar, the songwriter was forced into silence. A second armed officer assisted Kuddar.

The Federal crime committed by Officer Kuddar is under investigation.

Hate Crimes, Cyber Bullying and Beyond

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

WEST CHESTER, PA — Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus, of Living In Chester County, PA and Williams Watts, of the Bob Marley family, have been accused of hate crimes.

On Sunday the 25th of September, 2016, Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus published written defamation on Facebook and other media. Written defamation is known as libel and is a crime along with cyber bullying. (Those comments will not be republished here.)

Previously, Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus and Williams Watts were involved in incidents of hate speech and terroristic threats.

Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus “You need to grow up… and I second Anthony! Get a God Damn job!”
Stay tuned. More to come.
William Watts What’s disability?? If someone was taping my 14 yr old they would get the camera jammed up there ass! People don’t hit other people because there afraid of charges. All you have to do is write a check and your good. I’ve knocked out people’s teeth and just paid for the dentist bill. People like to antagonize and then video the actions of others. Doing that your baiting someone. A neighbor of mine baited me, he put trash in my driveway and went back inside his home. He then taped me throwing the trash on his yard, he came out argued and got his ass whooped. When we went to court I didn’t pay anything because he baited me. Be careful if you run into a guy that can afford to write a check you may get lumped up!!


Daniel Brouse nobody was filming his kid


Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Oh he’s saying that it’s a hate crime bc he has a disability and is less fortunate than others. No one knows his fortune unless he tells people about it. And he hasn’t walked in the shoes who have sacrificed their own investments and put that into a business. He doesn’t know how much work it is to run an establishment. To say he’s less fortunate when he doesn’t know what other people’s fortune looks like or roads they’ve walked or sacrifices they’ve had to make is hypocritical. He’s playing the victim card and playing it well.


Daniel Brouse I never said I was less fortunate… I said the two musicians that were assaulted by the cops were less fortunate. However, your comments are bordering on hate crimes.


William Watts What Disabilty?? I don’t think a guy would flip like that and say your Filming his kid if someone wasn’t. To run a business isn’t easy it becomes your life I know. I live my life that if I’m affecting someone I would just move on. Rather than sit and bait them on hoping for a lawsuit.


Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Daniel Brouse well then I guess you should report me then.


Daniel Brouse as you wish


Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Daniel Brouse great! Good luck with that! 😉


William Watts Maybe she hates you? She’s allowed ya know, but to run to cops and sign complaints is a bitch move. She hardly is doing a “hate crime” I would think if I was on a jury.
Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Daniel Brouse you never said anything about two people being assaulted by cops.
Daniel Brouse i was not going to report her to the police, yet. i am going to report it for the public.
Daniel Brouse Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus yes. i most certainly have made many posts about the criminal activities of the police and hate crimes against citizens. i started reporting on it April 19.
Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Daniel Brouse report on what exactly? Giving you some free advice on how you can volunteer to give back to our community? Report on the fact that I think you’re playing the victim here bc at no point have I heard anyone in your videos elude to hate criSee More
Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus Daniel Brouse my feelings on this are already public my friend! It’s on here and on your other page.
Angela Hilliard-Myrtetus 14,000 people like my page. I too, can voice my opinions on your actions publicly.

West Chester Parking Authority Master Plan

Friday, July 1st, 2016

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Borough of West Chester held a public meeting to unveil the “Master Plan” for parking. Unfortunately, the most severe problem was not even addressed — the militant and hostile behavior of the West Chester Parking Authority. In fact, it did not appear as though a single representative from the Parking Authority was present. Instead, a Parking Enforcement Officer was documented harassing a motorist and engaged in illegal activities out on the street.

West Chester Parking Enforcement Officer Illegally Stalking a Motorist

West Chester Parking Enforcement Officer Illegally Stalking a Motorist

Nobody From the Parking Authority at the Parking Meeting

Nobody From the Parking Authority at the Parking Meeting