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War On The Homeless

By Citizen of Orange County, Florida and Staff Writers

So now that I am emailing and writing Police departments and District Attorneys’ offices, is my freedom and life in Danger?

A resident of Orange County is asking the same questions as a resident of West Chester, PA — are the police and business owners using unconstitutional laws to commit hate crimes?

The Orange County Police Departments have a war on the homeless going on. The Police are having an influence on City Council meetings to the point of passing Unconstitutional laws against the Homeless People. No RV Parking in Dana Point and San Clemente city limits. How Quaint!

The wealthy people that live along the Beaches pay too much property taxes, for the God given land. Looking and seeing that many homeless, and weekenders have no choice but to sleep in their vehicles, due to, no vacancy in campgrounds, hotels, motels, and other dwelling places on the weekends.

Many of the wealthy residences that own houses on the beach, limit beach access.

The West Chester Borough Council is trying to pass yet another unconstitutional law that would allow them to arrest street musicians: West Chester Plans to Restrict Singing & Dancing,

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