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Philly Music Scene

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Some pictures from the Philadelphia music scene:

The Rock n’ Roll Romper Room

Ambler Earth Fest

Friday, January 30th, 2015

The Ambler Environmental Advisory Council will hold an Earth Fest on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 on the property of Calvary United Methodist Church, located on Lindenwold and Park Avenues, in Ambler Borough. Organizations whose focus is on environmental issues will display exhibits, tables and interactive educational displays and speakers will give presentations about environmental issues.  Activities for children will be offered. Volunteers are needed to assist in making the event a success.

In addition to exhibitors, vendors are invited to sell their products. Vendors will pay a small fee to participate. Fees will be used to compensate speakers and offset the cost of advertising.

This event is mainly geared to teens and adults with some activities for children and will be free and open to the public.

The Earth Fest will be held, rain or shine. Many of the exhibits will be located indoors in a large multi-purpose room and other rooms. Exhibitors and vendors have the option of having their displays outside.  Lectures and presentations will be held in the church’s main sanctuary or in small meeting rooms The main sanctuary contains audio-visual equipment including a projector and large screen.  All of the areas that will be used for the Earth Fest are wheel chair accessible.

Emerging Philadelphia Artist — EACE Real Music

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

PHILADELPHIA — EACE (like Peace without the P!) is a recording artist from Philadelphia, PA USA. EACE’s ethnicity, overwhelming freestyle, and songwriting ability puts him up there with any hip hop artist today. EACE is a metaphor for Peace, stemming from his birth name “Issa”.

EACE is promoting his first album, Ultimate. Ultimate is a project co-produced by Philadelphian musician/producer/singer/songwriter Rick Reinhart. Ultimate is available via Ultimate showcases EACE’s ability to grow outside of his comfort zone as an MC. This includes brighter vibes from singles like Millionaire, Damn, Take Off Them Clothes, Do It Like That, and Player Like Me. EACE also shows intense lyrical ability with tracks like Never Giving Up, and Mountain Top. Overall, the project includes quality production from Rick Reinhart, Mastering from legendary Gene_Leone_Mix, and slamming music arrangements from local talents Mark Kuryloski, D’Rek, Knowlege Productions, and Rick Reinhart.

When it comes to the stage, EACE has performed amongst a diversed crowd throughout the past few years. Including a series of improves over live instruments with the Rick Reinhart band. Other venues and performances in Philadelphia were Raise The Vibration, World Café Live, Legendary Dobbs, Temple campus and Atlantic City’s Elephant Talk. EACE’s single Millionaire has been recognized by the Philadelphia Recording Community. EACE will be building his personal youtube channel, this year. EACE plans on being unpredictable and reinventing his style on every album. Also, expect production/songwriting collaborations from EACE.


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